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Our Wind Turbine

Our Northwind 100 turbine has three airfoils mounted on a horizontal axis, which produce electricity with wind speeds as low as 6 miles per hour, and as much as 55 miles per hour before the automatic brake system slows the blades. Coastal locations such as ours are perfect for harnessing nature's gift of moving air currents, and the clean energy generated in the nacelle at the top of the tower runs through a trench directly into our building. By utilizing local, sustaining wind as our energy source, we will dramatically reduce our demand on the regional electric grid, reduce our impact on our region's high air pollution, and measurably reduce the carbon footprint of our printing facility.  We invite you to take advantage of our greenness by incorporating our solutions to reduce your own carbon footprint!

Originally developed with a NASA grant and designed for remote and isolated sites, the Northwind 100 put reliability and performance at a premium. The Northwind 100 is a technological masterpiece with its innovative gearless design based on magnet direct drive technology.  All turbines capture wind, but the Northwind 100 has been meticulously designed to capture it better.  Better output on our turbine means better energy prices at Phoenix Press-- a savings that we pass to you, our customers!




Turbine Installation Photos

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